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New Brexit Deal Does Nothing for Musicians says MU

New Brexit Deal published today (Thursday 17 October) does not deal with issues for musicians which have been pointed out by the MU and others.

Published: 17 October 2019 | 12:00 AM Updated: 28 April 2021 | 4:30 PM
View of parliament in London at night
This new deal doesn’t deal with any of the issues musicians will face. Photo credit: Shutterstock

The new Brexit Deal and Political Declaration published today does not fix any of the problems that musicians will face in a post-Brexit world. It is disappointing to see that the government has not dealt with these issues despite the clear and repeated arguments that have been made by the Musicians’ Union.

Over the past two years we have explained on many occasions that freedom of movement within the EU is vital to most working musicians.

Tours that happen beyond the EU are always very costly and time-consuming to put together, not least because of the complex visa, carnet and paperwork requirements. European touring has been much easier – with the ability to tour to 27 European countries without any need for visas or work permits for musicians or carnets (temporary export licenses) for instruments.

Many of our members visit several European countries over the course of a week, often with very little notice, and do this on a regular basis. Anything that hampers their ability to do this is potentially catastrophic for our members’ careers.

This new deal doesn’t deal with any of the issues musicians will face. Indeed, because the commitment to the ‘single customs territory’ has been removed this would appear to confirm that goods will need to be checked at borders meaning that this deal could be even more damaging than the previous one brought forward by Theresa May.

The Musicians Passport

We have been arguing for Government and Parliament to introduce a Musicians’ Passport for musicians working in the EU post-Brexit.

This Musicians’ Passport must:

  • Last a minimum of two years
  • Be free or cheap
  • Cover all EU member states
  • Get rid of the need for carnets and other permits
  • Cover road crew, technicians and other staff necessary for musicians to do their job

Over 22,500 people have signed the petition already. Add your voice to our call. Sign the petition now.

It’s more important than ever that we get a final say on the Brexit Deal, join us on the People’s March for a final say on any Brexit deal on Saturday 19 October.

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