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MU Welcomes Welsh Labour’s Commitment to Music Education in Senedd Elections

We’re encouraging members to share this positive news from Welsh Labour, and ask Senedd election candidates about their party’s plans for music and the creative industries.

Published: 27 April 2021 | 11:16 AM Updated: 28 April 2021 | 4:32 PM
A photograph of an infant school classroom, there are decorations and brightly coloured posters on the walls, and an adult and child are playing tambourines together.
"We would urge members to share this welcome commitment and ask local Senedd candidates about their party’s plans for music education" Photo credit: Shutterstock

The MU is very pleased to welcome Welsh Labour’s commitment to music education in its manifesto for the Senedd elections on 6 May. The manifesto says that Welsh Labour will, “establish a National Music Service to make sure that a lack of money is no barrier to young people learning to play an instrument.”

This builds on other recent positive work by the Welsh Labour Government, such as the launch of Creative Wales in January 2020, which has already had a positive impact during the Covid-19 pandemic through the Freelancer Fund and Cultural Recovery Fund.

The next step towards a positive and sustainable model

Andy Warnock, Regional Organiser for Wales and South West England said:

“We’re really encouraged by this very welcome commitment to music education in Welsh Labour’s manifesto, and I’m grateful to Mark Drakeford and his team, as well as our local activists, for their engagement that’s led to this.

“We know that there are problems with music education in Wales that have to be addressed, and that there will be a lot to of detail to discuss after the election so this plan can be put into practice, but hopefully this is the next step towards finding a positive and sustainable model for music education in Wales that works for teachers and pupils.

“We would urge members and anyone who values and supports music to share this welcome commitment and ask local Senedd candidates about their party’s plans for music education, as well as music and the creative industries more broadly.

“If, as we hope, a Welsh Labour government is elected on 6 May, we will certainly be engaging with them and holding them to this commitment, and we can do that more effectively if there is broad awareness of this issue."

Spread the word

A broad, public awareness of Welsh Labour’s commitment to Music Education will play a vital role in pushing local Senedd candidates to engage further with this issue, as well as holding Welsh Labour to their commitment.

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