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MU Demands Financial Assistance for Freelance Musicians from the Government

The MU is calling on the Government to account for the urgent needs of its members in the coming weeks due to the impact of the Omicron variant and the subsequent rise in Covid-19 cases.

Published: 21 December 2021 | 4:09 PM
A drummer is playing on a kit in their home, a laptop computer set up near them is recording the performance.
The lack of provision for freelance workers leaves the majority of MU members uncertain about their future. Photo credit: Shutterstock

Recent developments are already having a noticeable impact on musicians’ ability to work, and the number of no-shows and cancellations in the live performance arena is becoming particularly alarming.

Whilst the Union welcomes the Treasury’s announcement of £1bn in financial support for businesses in the hospitality and leisure industries, the lack of provision for freelance workers leaves the majority of MU members uncertain about their future.

Early results of the Union’s latest research reports that 86% of musicians have had work cancelled due to the surge in cases related to the Omicron Covid-19 variant. Plus 41% of musicians state that they expect to earn under 25% of their usual income during the next two months, while the results show 75% expect to earn less than 50% of their regular income.

It is crucial the Government recognises the economic abyss

Horace Trubridge, MU General Secretary, said:

“This is a particularly busy time for our members and many musicians will have been relying on the festive period and the new year to provide much-needed funds following the devastating effects of lockdown and the well-publicised difficulties.

“It is absolutely crucial to their survival that the Government recognises the economic abyss that our world-class players, performers, writers and teachers are facing. They need support and they need it now.”

Illustrating the gaps in support

Today’s call also follows the letter sent by the Union to the Chancellor last Friday, which underlined the need for immediate financial support for freelance musicians seriously affected by the new outbreak.

The Union’s message to Chancellor Rishi Sunak illustrated the gaps in support that members experienced during the initial phases of the pandemic, and the urgent need to provide targeted financial support in response to the new Omicron Covid-19 variant.

Furthermore, the MU also highlighted that between 38% and 50% of its members did not qualify for Government help in the initial phases of the pandemic and that even those who did receive money through the SEISS or furlough schemes, will be relying on steady levels of income during the busiest period of the year.

Although the Government is not formally cancelling events, it is appearing to advise people not to attend them, which is harming audience confidence at live music performances.

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