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MU Comments on Lack Of Representation in UK Eurovision Contestants

In an article by NationalWorld revealing that the UK’s contestants have included no Black or Asian artists for the past 12 years, the MU has commented on how important it is that the media reflects our “ever-diversifying society.”

Published: 12 May 2023 | 12:41 PM
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“Issues of underrepresentation are further compounded by a lack of visible role models on high profile platforms, barriers and cuts in education and other pathways.” Photo credit: Shutterstock

NationalWorld have reported that over the last 12 years, the UK has put forward no Black or Asian Eurovision contestants, demonstrating a major diversity issue.

MU Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Officer Dr Diljeet Bhachu commented on the statistics:

“Amidst an ever-diversifying society, it’s really important that this is reflected in the media, in who we see on stage, on screen, especially on high profile, national platforms.

“To date, Eurovision processes have varied year to year, and there is a lack of transparency in who applies, and the criteria by which finalists are selected. Black Lives in Music’s 2021 research found that 56% of Black Music Creators surveyed felt that their contributions were not adequately recognised by the music industries, and that 86% agreed that there are existing barriers to progression for Black musicians.”

Dr Bhachu also described efforts that needed to be made to tackle the lack of diversity:

“Issues of underrepresentation are further compounded by a lack of visible role models on high profile platforms, and barriers and cuts in education and other pathways into the industry. The MU believes that more proactive efforts can be made to improve representation on platforms like this, and that transparency in selection processes is key to addressing the issue.”

You can read the full story on NationalWorld’s website.

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