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Jamie Njoku-Goodwin Appointed From UK Music Chief Executive to the Prime Minister's Director of Strategy

Jamie Njoku-Goodwin joined UK Music in September 2020 as Chief Executive and helped steer the sector through the Covid-19 pandemic. He has now been appointed as the Prime Minister’s new Director of Strategy.

Published: 31 August 2023 | 12:29 PM
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"Jamie spoke at the MU’s Delegate Conference this year and his energy and enthusiasm for music have made him a very popular leader". Image credit: Shutterstock.

As Chief Executive for UK Music, the collective voice of the UK music industry, Jamie helped to secure vital financial support for the sector during the pandemic. In addition, he also championed the importance of music education, playing a key role in drawing up the new National Plan for Music Education.

He helped lead efforts that secured the safe return of live music after its shutdown due to the pandemic, acted as a champion for the power of music to transform people’s health and wellbeing, and boosted UK Music’s work on diversity and inclusion.

More recently, Jamie has co-ordinated the sector’s response to the challenges posed by the impact of artificial intelligence, stressing the need for effective copyright protection.

Before taking up his role at UK Music, Jamie was a Government special adviser. He is a trustee of Britten Pears Arts, sits on the board of the London Philharmonic Orchestra and Arts Council England’s National Council. He is also a member of the Council of the Royal College of Music.

UK Music Deputy Chief Executive Tom Kiehl will be interim Chief Executive.

His energy and enthusiasm for music have made him a very popular leader

Naomi Pohl, MU General Secretary said:

“UK Music has always been effective as a single voice for the UK commercial music industry, representing musicians, songwriters, producers, labels and publishers among other stakeholders.

“While there isn’t always consensus on every issue, the organisation is a powerful advocate for music education, copyright, export, touring, diversity, inclusion and wellbeing. It also produces excellent research and reports which help make the case to Government on these issues.

“Since joining U.K. Music as CEO, Jamie has been a uniting force and has represented us passionately to decision makers both in Government and other sectors. He is very widely respected across genres which has been a huge advantage to UK Music and has shifted us forward in terms of policy and industrial relations.

“He spoke at the MU’s Delegate Conference this year and his energy and enthusiasm for music have made him a very popular leader. I'm sure he will be a great asset to the team in number 10 and we look forward to seeing how his career develops.”

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