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Applications Open for New Coronavirus Hardship Fund for MU Members

In response to the widespread cancellation of work that has hit our profession as a result of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we have taken the decision to set up a £1M hardship fund that members with genuine and pressing hardship can apply to.

Published: 22 March 2020 | 12:00 AM Updated: 28 April 2021 | 4:30 PM
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We’re working closely with industry partners to combat the financial impact of Coronavirus. Photo credit: Shutterstock

We’re working closely with industry partners to combat the financial impact of Coronavirus, in particular with the leading collection society PRS for Music (including its Members Fund) and Help Musicians, the charity which offers help for musicians throughout their career.

MU General Secretary, Horace Trubridge explained why the MU has taken this step:

“Already, we have seen job opportunities drop by more than two thirds, and sadly this will only accelerate. Whether it’s the closure of venues, cancelling of events or closing of schools, there will be huge ramifications for musicians – many of whom are self-employed and have zero support to fall back on.

“We hope this fund goes some way to providing a small amount of relief to our members, but we urgently need the government to provide clarity on what wider support will be available and we call on the record industry to play its part too.”

Who can apply for the fund

The fund is open to any current member who has:

  • Been in continuous membership of the MU for the last twelve months or more
  • Is currently paying the full MU membership subscription rate
  • Is a UK resident
  • Is suffering genuine hardship from loss of work due to the Coronavirus pandemic
  • Has not already successfully received a payment from the MU Coronavirus Hardship Fund

It must be emphasised that this is a hardship fund and not a fee replacement fund. The fund will not stretch very far if members who have lost bookings but are not in dire need of financial help all apply.

Please, act responsibly and have consideration for your colleagues who are suffering extreme and immediate financial hardship.

How to apply

The fund is now open for applications – you can find further details and information on how to apply on our MU Coronavirus Hardship Fund page.

Initially, we will be restricting the individual grants to a maximum of £200 while we monitor the level of applications.

We recognise that in many cases this will not be nearly enough to cover your weekly bills. We have provided the details of other music industry agencies that are currently also offering financial assistance at the bottom of the fund page and would urge you to contact them too.

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