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9Bach on Getting a Fair Deal Using the MU’s Contract Advisory Service

When MU members Martin and alternative folk group 9Bach needed help negotiating a contract, they used the MU’s Contract Advisory Service to make sure they could navigate the negotiation and get a fair deal.

Published: 13 August 2019 | 12:00 AM Updated: 24 February 2022 | 10:19 AM
Members of the alternative folk group 9Bach
Alternative folk group 9Bach. Photo credit: 9Bach

"The MU's Contract Advisory Service is a fantastic resource and gave me and my band peace of mind that we were entering into an agreement well-protected.

“The solicitor that worked on our behalf kept us updated, explained complex clauses, and fought for our best interests.

The most impressive part was the solicitors’ ability to come up with compromises on clauses that both parties were happy with, which had previously been deadlocked. Thank you!

Martin contacted the MU’s Wales & South West England team for help in the first instance. Andy, Ruth and Calliope were able to guide him through the next steps in accessing free contract advice.

Free contract advice for MU members

Have you been given a contract or terms that don’t suit you? As an MU member, you can contact your MU team for help.

We’ll get a specialist solicitor to take a look at the contract, check it works for you, and provide practical advice and guidance to help you negotiate better terms.

There’s more…as an MU member, you also have access to:

You also have MU staff on hand to give advice on negotiating successfully. Contact us, who are here to support you.

About 9Bach

9Bach was formed by Lisa Jen and Martin Hoyland in 2005. Lisa on vocals, harmonium, and piano and Martin on guitars and percussion are joined by Ali Byworth (drums and percussion), Dan Swain (bass guitar), Esyllt Glyn Jones (harp, vocals), and Mirain Roberts (vocals).

9Bach’s music is an atmospheric, evocative, and emotional hybrid of the Welsh folk tradition, and of contemporary influences and working practices. Building on a deepened, almost ambient sound picture, the songs take you into the landscape and the emotions that it evokes. Music is a living thing, not a museum piece, and the way that 9Bach compose and perform reflect this.

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