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Teaching Rates of Pay

Updated: 25 May 2022 | 17:21 PM

Our recommended music teaching rates are aligned with classroom teaching rates and are applicable for each academic year.

We have promulgated self-employed rates for music teaching, workshop leading and school concerts.

These rates factor all the financial obligations of being self-employed, such as holiday pay, sick pay, pension contributions and parental leave. They are recommended minimums and should be used as a starting point for negotiating rates where work involves additional travel, increased preparation time or greater responsibility.

Teaching rate 2021-2022: £36.00 per hour

This rate is for individual lessons or for small-group teaching. It can be adjusted pro rata for lessons shorter than one hour. Rates for whole-class or large-group teaching and ensemble direction can be negotiated up to reflect any additional preparation time.

Workshop leading rate 2021-2022: £208 per day

This rate is for delivering a workshop with a maximum length of five hours. It can be adjusted pro rata for workshops of less than five hours and increased to reflect additional preparation time and any equipment or resources provided by the workshop leader.

Schools concert rate 2021-2022: £89

This includes a rehearsal and a concert on the same day. It covers taking part in concerts as a performer, as well as working as a conductor or an accompanist.


The MU’s Education Committee discusses the rates as part of its remit, recommending any yearly increases to the Executive Committee. MU members can sign up to the Teachers Section to become eligible to stand for the Education Committee.