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Because the possible consequences of exposure to the virus are so severe, at present advice should be on the side of caution.

The decision about returning to the workplace or performing in public is one that only you can take. You must make sure that you take adequate steps to review any relevant guidance and come to a sensible decision based on your own enquiries.

Our advice is for general guidance only and does not represent any instruction, encouragement or advice to return to or begin work. We can accept no liability for the consequences of your decision including any illness or other adverse impact.

To that end, we have put together advice for those returning to workplaces, for those postponing work and for those finding ways to work remotely and online.

Whilst we will continue to update this information regularly, members may also wish to check our latest guidance on the Government’s Covid-19 restrictions for a breakdown of the rules as they apply to the different UK nations.

Remember that if you return to a workplace, it is a venue’s responsibility to perform a risk assessment, although there are also some personal safety measures that you should be taking into consideration.

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