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Northern Lights Symphony Orchestra

Updated: 04 December 2020 | 10:06 AM

An agreement between Northern Lights Symphony Orchestra (NLSO) and the MU for self-employed orchestral musicians

Rates of pay effective from 1 October 2019

Concert fees

A concert of up to three hours with a rehearsal of up to three hours on the same day, each including an interval of not less than fifteen minutes.

Tutti Sub-Principal Principal
£128.00 £133.00 £144.00

Education work

Standard fee (per single 3-hour session) Whole day fee (for two 3-hour sessions on the same day) Project Leader Single Session (per single 3-hour session) Project Leader Whole Day (for two 3-hour sessions on the same day)
£100.00 £160.00 £110.00 £180.00

For information on Educational Concerts please see the full agreement.

Distance / Travel

(where transport is provided)
Travel (where transport is not provided)
20p per mile 40p per mile


Bed and Breakfast
(where accommodation is not provided)
M25 supplement
£63.10 £20.30

Late return

midnight - 12:30am 12:30 - 1:00am 1:00 - 2:00am
£4.95 £9.85 £14.80

Early call

Travelling or working prior to 8:30am
£3.15 per half an hour


Contact details

Orchestra Director: Adam Johnson

0208 348 1216