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MU Opera and Ballet Rates

Published: 09 October 2020 | 12:45 PM Updated: 27 November 2020 | 13:17 PM

Promulgated rates of pay for freelance opera and ballet players effective from April 2020

Weekly Rates (for a week of up to eight 3 hour sessions, rehearsal or performance, on the six week days)

Tutti Sub-Principal Principal Section Principals
£741.50 £762.00 £785.00 £810.00

Single Playing Session Rates (for players engaged for up to 5 sessions per week)

Per session

Stage Bands - Additional Payments (per call)

Stage band only (unseen) In pit and on stage (unseen) On stage in costume (seen) In pit and on stage (seen)
None £12.90 £24.37 £48.15


Distance fees Fuel fees and travel expenses
£10.35 per hour pro rata 46p per mile or Standard class rail fare

Late Fees

Payable when time of return is midnight - 02:00

Overnight Stay

Payable when return would be after 02:00


Payable per day to cover meals and expenses