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Sign the Petition to Help Save Liverpool’s Epstein Theatre

The Epstein Theatre closed Friday 30 June after Liverpool City Council announced it would be ending financial support. Members are encouraged to sign a petition to help save the historic venue.

Published: 30 June 2023 | 2:10 PM Updated: 06 July 2023 | 1:58 PM
Close up of The Epstein Theatre sign in large gold lettering outside the venue in daytime.
The MU throws its full weight behind the campaign to save this important cultural asset. Image credit: Shutterstock.

In an agreement made in 2018, the council had agreed to pay for a proportion of the rent, service charge, utilities and maintenance work. This agreement has now expired and the theatre has been unable to reach a workable agreement on costs with the landlord.

The Epstein have said requests for Liverpool City Council to provide £50,000 per year, for the next five years, were made but ultimately rejected. The venue closed on Friday 30 June.

The closure represents a huge loss to the cultural economy

The 380-seater venue which has provided a stage to the very best in local, national and community entertainment for over 100 years is a grade-II listed, historic building which now carries the name of one of the original manager and mastermind of The Beatles; Brian Epstein and would be represent a huge loss to the cultural economy.

The Epstein Theatre facilitates popular cultural productions, for a wide and diverse community. The programme it presents - which includes NOW Festival, where hundreds of children and young people showcase a mixture of drama, dance, musical theatre - has no other home in Liverpool City Centre.

Sign the petition to help save this historic venue.

The MU throws its full weight behind the campaign to save this important cultural asset

The MU endorses the theatre’s cry that the people of Liverpool deserve a say in what happens to their cultural assets and are urging Councillor Harry Doyle and the Cabinet for Health, Culture and Wellbeing to reconsider this shortsighted decision, and to recognise the far-reaching contribution that the Theatre makes to a UNESCO City of Music.

Paul Reed, MU Regional Organiser for the North of England says: “The closure of the Epstein Theatre is devastating for musicians and brings the legacy of the recent Eurovision event in the City into serious question.

“Eurovision was hugely positive to Liverpool and its ongoing legacy as one of the greatest music cities in the world, but this will be somewhat of a pyrrhic victory if historic theatres such as the Epstein cannot keep their doors open. We throw our full weight behind this campaign and urge Liverpool City Council to intervene and save this important cultural asset”.

Take action to help save the Epstein.

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