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PM Agrees to MPs Meeting to Discuss Agreement for Touring Musicians

Kevin Brennan MP asked the Prime Minister on behalf of our members, if there would be a meeting for senior MPs to discuss an agreement with the EU for touring musicians – to which he agreed.

Published: 13 January 2021 | 3:30 PM Updated: 28 April 2021 | 4:32 PM
Photograph of Big Ben from across Westminister bridge, traffic is rushing past leaving blurred lights behind.
It’s in Britain’s economic and cultural interest to fix things for touring musicians quickly, but it needs leadership from the top. Photo credit: Shutterstock

During Prime Minister’s Questions, Kevin Brennan – Labour MP for Cardiff West – brought up the urgent need for an agreement with the EU for musicians and performers to tour freely, and explained why it's in our economic and cultural interest do so:

“There is a real disappointment that a reciprocal work-permit-free deal for touring musicians and performers has not been agreed with the EU. No one is interested in a blame game, it’s clearly fixable and in Britain’s economic and cultural interest to do so quickly but it needs leadership from the top.”

He went on to ask the Prime Minister if there would be a meeting to discuss the issue:

“So will the Prime Minister meet on this, virtually, with a small group of MPs, including the Conservative Chair of the Culture Select Committee. We are all singing from the same song sheet, will he please say yes to the meeting?”

The Prime Minister agreed to the meeting, assuring that he understands how the issue is “extremely important,” and that he knows “our friends in the EU will be wanting to go further to improve things.”

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