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New Bradford Music Network Launched

Following consultations with the music sector throughout the summer, Bradford Council has launched a new Music Network for Bradford, supported by Bradford Producing Hub and Music Local.

Published: 10 December 2020 | 12:53 PM Updated: 28 April 2021 | 4:32 PM
Photograph of a flute players hands, holding a flute with the sheet music set out behind.
“The music sector has been hit so hard during the Covid-19 pandemic that it's crucial we try to create some infrastructure and support for the sector to recover.” Photo credit: Shutterstock

The network will provide anyone involved in music from across the Bradford district with an opportunity to connect with others, stay informed of activities and opportunities, including funding, events and available support for artists and those working in music.

The new network is calling on musicians, rappers, producers, live music promoters, all those working in and those who support music in Bradford to sign up to receive updates from a range of organisations locally and nationally.

A steering group will guide the networks development

The council will also support the creation of a new steering group to guide the development of music across the district and support the network, ensuring it represents the wide and diverse experiences of Bradford's music sector, from local grassroots through to those having a major impact on the regional and national music scene.

Those interested in being part of the Steering Group are asked to complete a short submission form, detailing their experience in music and what they would bring to the role.

Supporting this initiative is Bradford Producing Hub who will be recruiting a new Music Instigator to help support the sector.

Bradford Producing Hub will use the support and expertise of the steering group and wider network to ensure that the district's music development is supported alongside the rest of its wider culture sector. The Music Instigator will take a key role in liaising between the local musicians, the wider sector, local government and national music industry bodies.

The development process for the network, which has seen a group of 20-30 musicians and local music professionals consulted on the plans, has been led by Music Local, who have previously worked with Coventry City of Culture, Yorkshire Sound Women Network and notably run Music:Leeds and the Launchpad initiative, which supports emerging artists and industry professionals throughout Yorkshire.

A mix of skills and representation is vital

Councillor Sarah Ferriby, Bradford Council's Executive Member for Healthy People and Places, said: “The music sector has been hit so hard during the Covid-19 pandemic that it's crucial we try to create some infrastructure and support for the sector to recover and grow.

“Our commitment to this is by supporting the development of a brand new Music Network for the Bradford district. This open call is so vital in getting a mix of skills and representation to drive forward a network that can help support and grow our rich music industries.”

Find out how to join the network, apply to be part of the steering group and the new Music Instigator job on the network’s website. Follow Bradford Music Network on social media at @BradfordMusic on Twitter and @BradfordMusicNetwork on Facebook and Instagram.

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