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Government Post-Brexit Bill Threatens Musicians’ Rights – Write to your MP and Ask Them to Vote Against

A Bill coming back to Parliament next week puts legislation on workers’ rights and copyright at risk.

Published: 13 January 2023 | 3:15 PM
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write to your MP using our template letter and ask them to vote again the Bill week of 16 January 2023. Photo: Shutterstock

The Retained EU Law Bill (REUL), threatens up to 4,000 pieces of legislation and gives unprecedented powers to ministers to personally decide which laws should stay and which should go.

These include legislation on workers’ rights, such as maximum working time directives and maternity pay, as well as airline safety legislation and copyright laws amongst many, many others.

Even the government’s independent regulation watchdog has described the impact assessment for the plans as “not fit for purpose”.

Write to your MP

Please urgently write to your MP using our template letter and ask them to vote again the Bill next week.

Letter to MP template wording

Dear [insert MP name],

[Insert your address here]

I'm writing as one of your constituents ahead of Parliament debating the Retained EU Law Bill.

This Bill will automatically repeal more than nearly 4000 pieces of legislation at the end of next year. Despite the huge impact this will have, we do not even yet know what the laws on this list are.

Under these plans, everything from the rules making sure that planes are safe to fly and protection for part-time workers to standards preventing cancer-causing materials being used in cosmetic products will be deleted from the statute book overnight. As a musician, these will have a direct impact on my job and my ability to do my job successfully and sustainably.

Even if the current Government says they will protect certain rules in future, there is no guarantee this will happen and no evidence of what may replace these laws either. The Bill also gives Ministers the power to decide, thus removing your power as my MP to represent my concerns in this process. 

With the country facing economic chaos and uncertainty, the last thing we need now is further destruction in this way and a race to the bottom on workers’ rights, environmental standards, and consumer protection.

Rather than seeking to deregulate by default at breakneck pace and relying on an overstretched civil service to identify which rules to keep, please ask the Minister to rethink and as a start publish a list of what 4000 laws this bill threatens.

Please don't add to the turmoil we face by ripping up my rights without replacing them - vote against the EU Retained Law Bill instead. 

Yours sincerely

[Your name]

[Your address]

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