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Further Guidance Provided for Musicians using Eurotunnel

Following concerns raised by the MU on passenger limits, DCMS have provided further clarification around their advice for musicians travelling via Eurotunnel – and confirmed that the passenger limit does not necessarily need to be three-people.

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By Dave Webster Published: 10 May 2022 | 12:52 PM
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ATA Carnets being categorised as ‘freight’ presented problems for musicians, as the passenger limit is three-people. Photo credit: Shutterstock

The MU were alerted to a problem for musicians in vans with ATA Carnets being categorised as ‘freight’ when booking to travel on Eurotunnel for work in the EU. This presented problems for musicians as the limit on passengers in a freight cab is three-people.

The MU raised this with the Department of Culture Media and Sport who helpful convened a meeting with the HMRC, Dept of Transport, Ferry companies and Eurotunnel and Music Industry representatives to better understand the problem.

The outcome was that after making some key points to Eurotunnel regarding musicians, they have confirmed that musicians with an ATA Carnet and/or Merchandise in Baggage which falls below the thresholds for making a full customs declaration can travel in a vehicle of less than 3.5 tonnes and carrying no more than 9 people as passengers.

Eurotunnel also helpfully provided some updated guidance on the requirements for getting your Carnet or MIC stamped in the UK and at Dover.

We are also expecting some updated guidance on travelling by Ferry.

MU members can find more detailed information in our working in the EU post Brexit guidance.

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