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Domestic Advisory Groups Agree Principles to Support Musicians and Creative Industries Working in the EU

In a joint formal agreement, UK and EU Domestic Advisory Groups have called for more flexible travel arrangements and the creation of a cultural visa waiver for creative workers in the EU.

Published: 15 November 2023 | 10:43 AM
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"The MU has been calling for this since the UK left the EU". Image credit: Shutterstock.

In early November 2023, the UK and EU Domestic Advisory Group (DAG) met to discuss the ongoing implementation of the Trade and Co Operation Agreement.

This is done on a yearly basis and looks at areas where both sides can submit their views to Government and inform the Civil Society Forum.

The MU is represented by UK Music and LIVE at the UK DAG, and has support from the TUC.

What was agreed in the statement?

The MU is delighted to see that through its work as members of both UK Music and LIVE; lobbying for changes to the current procedures for its members working in the EU, the following paragraph was included in the joint statement:

“Furthermore, a range of workers and professional service providers, including those in creative industries, should be allowed more flexible travel arrangements, including visa free and longer stays than 90 in 180 days. A cultural visa waiver should be created for creative workers”.

Read the joint DAG statement in full.

Why this is a significant breakthrough

Dave Webster, MU Head of International says: “The MU has been calling for this since the UK left the EU. Seeing this agreement between both parties in writing is a major step in the right direction.

“This is a significant breakthrough and recognises the need on both sides to address a big problem musicians face when working in the EU. We are delighted to see this text and hope that it is swiftly taken forward by the UK and the EU. Our thanks to UK Music and LIVE for pressing this important point”.

Tom Kiehl, Interim Chief Executive at UK Music says: “The Domestic Advisory Group is an important mechanism for continued dialogue on cultural issues and it’s imperative that both the UK Government and EU Commission take note and act to secure a better deal for our musicians and crew.”

Jon Collins, CEO at LIVE says: “All sides recognise the value of cultural and creative exchange and the economic and social benefits that follow. We will continue to work with UK and EU policymakers in a bid to revise existing arrangements that are proving so problematic for our artists, orchestras and crew”.

Learn more about the Domestic Advisory Group.

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