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Cost Of Living Crisis: What The MU Is Doing

Along with working alongside the TUC to call for an immediate emergency budget, we have also launched a new advice and information hub for members.

Published: 09 August 2022 | 5:23 PM Updated: 11 August 2022 | 5:55 PM
Wooden blocks making the shape of a house, featuring images for clothing, housing, food and medical items, representing the building blocks of essential daily life.
We’ve put together a new section on the website with advice on financial assistance and campaigns to get involved in. Image credit: Shutterstock.

There have been grim headlines across the board this week: Astronomical energy bill rises, a gloomy Bank of England outlook coupled with an interest rate rise and a total lack of action from the Government.

New MU resource page 

We know that for lots of MU members, many of whom have only just started to recover from the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic, the cost of living crisis is a major concern as we head into the autumn. That’s why we’ve put together a new section on the website with advice on financial assistance, campaigns to get involved in and importantly how to make sure that your MU membership saves you as much money as possible.

View the MU Cost of Living resource page here

Working with the TUC and Labour Party 

With Boris Johnson about to step down and currently on holiday and the two candidates for Prime Minister playing to the small crowd that is their membership, the MU has been working with the TUC and the Labour Party to call for an immediate emergency budget to deal with the cost of living crisis. This cannot wait until the new leader is elected – action must be taken now.

One of the TUC’s proposals, backed by the MU, is to nationalise the energy retail companies. The proposal is based on the fact that the government spent £2.7bn bailing out Bulb and the other failed companies this last year, whereas nationalising the Big Five energy companies would cost just £2.85bn and would help us meet net zero and deliver lower costs for families.


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