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BBC Announce BBC Singers Will Not be Closing on 30 September

Following intense discussions with the MU, a petition reaching over 120,000 signatures, and musicians and supporters rallying against the proposed job cuts, the announcement comes as very welcome news.

Published: 24 March 2023 | 10:47 AM
Tall green glass building with the letters BBC spelt out on the front, Portland Place in London
“The weeks since the BBC's announcement have impacted all the individuals affected in the most brutal way.” Photo credit: Shutterstock

Following intense discussions with the MU over the last few weeks, the BBC have announced today that they will not be closing the BBC Singers on 30 September.

The BBC Singers will resume their rightful place in this year's Proms programme and we will be entering into consultation with the BBC to ensure the ensemble has a secure and extremely bright future.

We will also be talking to the BBC about the BBC Concert Orchestra, Philharmonic Orchestra and Symphony Orchestra and we will be fighting against the proposed 20% cuts.

Recognising that they are irreplaceable

Jo Laverty, MU National Organiser Orchestras, said:

"The weeks since the BBC's announcement have impacted all the individuals affected in the most brutal way. We are right behind every member affected, and as we enter negotiation we will be consulting our members in the Singers and BBC Orchestras to ensure the outcome is as positive as possible for them all."

Naomi Pohl, MU General Secretary, said:

"The outpouring of love for the BBC Singers and Orchestras over the past few weeks has been incredible and we know our members are hugely grateful for all the support they've received.

“We hope the BBC recognises the real quality and value they bring to the UK's music industry, international music makers and fans and BBC Licence fee payers who will be keener than ever to see them in action live and via broadcast. The work they do in music education is also crucial. They are frankly irreplaceable."

Find out more about the threat that the BBC’s proposals to axe the BBC singers presented to hundreds of freelancers across the UK, in particular young, early career musicians.

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