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Paying Social Security Overseas

Advice on paying social security when working overseas as a musician.

Last updated: 27 October 2020

In some countries you may be required to pay something towards National Insurance or Social Security – however you shouldn’t need to pay extra when working in other EU member states.

For EU engagements, the general principle is that a worker who is resident in one EU member state shouldn't have to pay social security (or the equivalent) contributions in another member state in which they are working temporarily.

For example:

This principle should work equally across the EU. For example, a French resident working temporarily in the UK should be able to avoid the UK NIC. And a UK resident working temporarily in France should be able to avoid the French Social Security.

Proof of your current contributions

You can use the UK Government’s A1/E101 document to certify that you are already paying contributions in the UK.

You can apply for your portable A1/E101 document online, on the UK GOV website. It’s important that you complete the self-employed A1 application if you are an individual self-employed musician or group of self-employed musicians.

If you are touring across the EU then this advice on the UK GOV website will help you determine which country’s social security legislation applies to you.

Touring outside of the EU

The UK also has reciprocal agreements for NIC contributions and equivalents with a number of other countries. You can find further details on the UK GOV website.

We strongly recommend taking independent tax advice before signing any overseas work contract. MU members are entitled to advice from our preferred financial partners, HW Fisher and Company – contact your Regional Office for further details.

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