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Webinar 17 May 2022

How Music Education Supports Pupils’ Health and Wellbeing

This webinar will cover the many ways in which music supports pupils’ general health and wellbeing.

Man in yellow jumper and yellow background with headphones on smiling with his arms wrapped around himself.
Date Tuesday, 17 May 2022
Time 3:45 pm – 5:00 pm
Location Online
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Man in yellow jumper and yellow background with headphones on smiling with his arms wrapped around himself.

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About the event

Delivered by Chris Walters, the MU’s National Organiser for Education and Health & Wellbeing, this webinar draws on scientific evidence and will discuss the specific wellbeing and education benefits of music education, which can help you appreciate and advocate for the subject in school. It will also include ways for teachers to look after their own health and wellbeing, plus information on services provided for music teachers through the Musicians’ Union.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand the health and educational benefits of music education, wider than the intrinsic benefits of music itself
  • Consider how these benefits might be relevant to your own teaching
  • Understand some simple self-care and wellbeing techniques
  • Understand the NEU-MU partnership and services offered to music teachers or teachers who are also musicians

This webinar is suitable for all members and delivered with our partner union, the National Education Union (NEU). The webinars are included in the NEU’s Webinar Wednesday series, part of its National CPD Programme offering free webinars for members of both unions.


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Photo ofChris Walters

Chris Walters

Chris Walters is National Organiser for Education and Health & Wellbeing at the Musicians' Union. He leads on the Union's music education advocacy and policy work in the four UK nations and oversees services for music teachers. He previously developed the Certificate for Music Educators qualification at Trinity College London and was editor of Music Teacher magazine for Rhinegold Publishing, where he helped launch the Music Education Expo. He has taught music in the UK and Kenya and began his career as a professional clarinet player.

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