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6 Top Tips for Buying and Selling Music Instruments

Last updated: 07 July 2021

1 – Be honest about your instrument’s condition

If the instrument has any dings, cracks or structural faults then detail them in full along with relevant close-up photos of them. Withholding such details will only lead to problems.

2 – Always ask about the details

If you are a buyer don’t be afraid to ask questions about the instrument. Any decent seller will be happy to provide you with more information and photos.

3 – Get the price right

If you are selling, then ask around and search online to gauge the most realistic price. If you are buying, then always negotiate. Remember, 15-20% off the asking price is the sweet spot.

4 – Try out the instrument

Make every effort you can to play the instrument before you buy. Nothing beats getting a feel for how it plays and sounds.

5 – Make an impression

Make sure your instrument looks good and plays well before you sell it. Repair any faults, change the strings, reeds and so on. Give it a clean and a polish.

6 – Research the instrument market

Always ensure you research the seller, the instrument and the price. If you are buying online check the feedback ratings and reviews of the seller.