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Greater Manchester Commissions Creative Responses to COVID-19

Greater Manchester Combined Authority has granted 60 micro commissions worth £500.

Manchester skyline
Work created will form a permanent archive of Greater Manchester’s creative response to COVID-19. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

These commissions are to be given to selected artists and creators, based in Greater Manchester, across all artforms (music, art, poetry, theatre, short stories, design, gaming, stories etc). Work created will form a permanent archive of Greater Manchester’s creative response to COVID-19.

Applicants are not asked to submit the new work in response to the call for commissions (to save people not selected creating speculatively, and then ending up unpaid for the time spent on creation).  Instead applicants are asked to provide information on previous work and a brief summary of the work they would like to create.

Once decisions have been made, artists will be advanced funds and given a month to deliver the commission. As commissions come in, they will be shared in an online archive available to all.

To request an application form, email CultureTeam@greatermanchester-ca.gov.uk.

You can read more details here.

Help us represent you

Greater Manchester Combined Authority listened to the needs of local musicians, artists and other creatives when creating their new commission.

So that we can represent your needs, it’s important that we keep hearing from you too. Keep letting us know how COVID-19 has been affecting you work by completing our short survey.

Even if you’ve completed it before, if things have changed then please update us.

How have you been impacted?

Published: 31/03/2020

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