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TUC Congress Supports the Inclusion of Freelancers in TUC Policy

TUC Congress delegates from across the movement showed their support for freelancers, voting for the inclusion of freelance workers in TUC policy.

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“It’s our unfailing duty as trade unionists to find inventive ways to support such workers because that’s what they are,” MU delegate Rab Noakes told Congress.

“In our union, the Musicians’ Union, no more than 20% of our members are workplace employees. More and more we are finding ways to help and support the freelance and self-employed,” he explained.

“Many people I know have, in fact, chosen to be self-employed. Comrades, our whole trades union movement needs now, and I mean now, to find ways to support people whose engagement with the world of work is like this”.

“Let’s address this matter also and not only support current freelance and self-employed workers in the present but prepare to do so into a fervently fluid future,” added Rab.

Our thanks go to all delegations who voted for the motion, and speakers in support.

Full text of Motion 28

Conference acknowledges and applauds the work of the TUC in protecting workers from across all sectors in the UK.

In the growing ‘gig economy’ climate, we recognise that organising workers has become more complex and that TUC policy has had to adjust accordingly.

In campaigning for improved terms and conditions for the ‘falsely’ self-employed it is important to remember that many truly self-employed workers, particularly musicians and performers are keen to maintain their self-employed status whilst still needing Union representation.

We call on the TUC to ensure that all policy work and consultation responses adequately represent freelancers as well as employed workers.

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Published: 11/09/2019

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