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Musicians’ Union Welcomes Copyright Directive Success

The Musicians’ Union (MU) is delighted that the European Parliament has passed the final Copyright Directive text.

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The progress of the Directive had been threatened at various stages by intense lobbying from major tech firms, and the fact that the Directive has now succeeded is a real victory for musicians.

The Musicians’ Union took an active role in the #LoveMusic campaign organised by UK Music, of which the MU is a member, combatting the misinformation around the Directive and demonstrating its benefits for musicians and creators.

MU Assistant General Secretary Naomi Pohl says:

“This directive is about ensuring that copyright material is licensed and paid for properly by platforms that host content, not by individual users – and also that performers and creators are given better contractual terms and full transparency in royalty accounting.

“It is about creating a fair and functioning market for creative works of all kinds on the Internet. It’s about making sure that ordinary people can upload videos and music to platforms like YouTube without being held liable for copyright – that responsibility will henceforth be transferred to the platforms.

“This is about modernising the Internet and it’s a massive step forward for consumers and creators alike.”

MU National Organiser for Recording & Broadcasting, Phil Kear, responded to the news:

“This is amazing news for the UK music industry. As a result of today’s vote there is a real chance of music rights holders finally being fairly remunerated for use of their work online.

“Of particular note is the inclusion of clauses 14-16 which empower musicians and music writers to achieve greater transparency from online licensees.

“The MU wish to place on record a huge vote of thanks to the Euro MPs who stood firm in the face of sustained pressure and voted this directive through.”

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Published: 26/03/2019

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