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Free Viva La Visa Advice for MU Members

Viva La Visa is offering free visa advice to MU members looking to perform in foreign territories.

Are you planning on working in the US, Canada, China, or Australia?

We are delighted to be able to let our members know that Viva La Visa has offered to give free advice to MU members who are looking to perform in foreign territories and need visa advice.

Viva La Visa manage the visa processing for many of the UK’s top artists, and whilst it might be just advice you are looking for, if you are an MU Member they will be happy to discuss your requirements with no obligation.

Should members wish to engage the services of Viva La Visa to process their visa application then they will receive a 20% discount on quoted fees.

Viva La Visa’s founder Andy Corrigan is a member of the Music Industry Visa Task Force set up by the MU and British Underground to address the issues not only of US visas, but now what might happen post-BREXIT.

Dave Webster MU Live Performance Organiser says: “Since the formation of the Taskforce, we have made some progress in this long standing and difficult area for our members. It’s good that the industry has come together in mutual support and no more so than this offer of assistance from the experts at Viva La Visa”.

Andy Corrigan says: "We're aware that most working musicians will reach a point where they intend to take their work overseas, and that the visa process can be mind-boggling at the best of times! It only makes sense for us to team up with the MU to ensure that all confusion is cleared, and we can help guide musicians every step of the way, so they can reach their full potential internationally."

Members wishing to contact Viva La Visa can call them on 01473 892660 or email hello@vivalavisa.co.uk

Published: 08/02/2017

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