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MIC Application Guidance and Examples

Updated: 20 July 2023 | 10:49 AM
Specimen document

  1. Use Application form FED0172 which can be downloaded as a Pdf or word document from the Gov.UK website.
  2. This is a generic application form that is also used for single import, export/re-exports and Travelling Exhibition Certificates (TEC). The back of the form contains instructions which apply to all types of application.  They are not all relevant to your MIC application and can be confusing. For clarity, we have prepared these guidance notes to help musician’s complete MIC applications. 
  3. Although completing an application can seem daunting please do not worry. Follow this guidance and give CITES as much information as you can.  When submitted your CITES case officer will contact you for clarification on anything missing.
  4. To apply for an MIC using form FED0172, tick the box ‘Other’ in the 'Permit/Certificate field section in the top right-hand corner of the form and Type or write in ‘Musical Instrument Certificate’. 

The MU and the Animal Plant Health Authority (APHA) have been working closely together to draw up this comprehensive guide in applying for and filling in a Musical Instrument Certificate. The MU are extremely grateful to APHA for their time, input and expertise.