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MU Approved Contractors (Fixers)

Updated: 10 May 2021 | 11:43 AM

  • If, as a musician, you are offered work by a Contractor who is not on the MU Approved Contractor list, you should contact our Recording and Broadcasting department before agreeing to proceed.
  • If you have any concerns or complaints about a Contractor who is currently MU Approved, please bring this to the attention of our Recording and Broadcasting department.
  • If you wish you become an MU Approved Contractor, please print, complete and sign a copy of the MU Approved Contractors Agreement and send to:

Approved Contractors
60-62 Clapham Road
London SW9 0JJ

Or scan and email to:




Ms Sylvia Addison

Music Solutions Ltd

Mr Darrell Alexander

Cool Music

Mr Paul Allen

English National Ballet

Mr Simon Allen

One Note Records

Mr Jon Altham

SoundWave Studios Ltd

Mr Adonis Alvanis


Miss Laura Anstee

Polyphony Music

Mr Roger Argente


Ms Jojo Arvanitis


Miss Adetoun Ayoola

Add-A-Tone Productions Ltd

Ms Louise Badger

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Mr Alexander Balanescu


Mr Richard Balcombe

RMB Music Ltd

Mr Jeremy Barlow


Mr Gary Barnacle


Mr Andrew Barnwell


Mr John Bath


Mr John Beadle

Birmingham Royal Ballet

Mr Dominic Beken

Dom Beken

Ms Naomi Bennett

All Nations Worship

Mr Andrew Bentley

British Royal Ballet

Mr Richard Bissill


Mr Peter Boita

Big Group

Mr Tee Bowry

Demon Sessions

Miss Elizabeth Boyce

Bounce Music Ltd

Miss Fiona Brice


Mr Giles Broadbent

String Fever

Mr Andrew Brown

London Metropolitan Orchestra Ltd

Mr Roy Carter

Karta Songs

Mr Matthew Clackett


Mr Michael Collins


Ms Roz Colls

Music Solutions Ltd

Mr Andrew Connolly

BBC Concert Orchestra

Mr David Cooke


Mr Andrew Cottee

Dream Town Music Ltd

Mr Richard Cottle

Trix Music

Mr Mark Crossland

Music Dimension

Mr Andrew Crowley

Showster Crake Music Ltd / London Brass

Mr Thomas Croxon

Dream Town Music Ltd

Mr Thomas Croxon

John Wilson Orchestra

Mr David Cunningham


Mr David Danford

Absolute Music Services Ltd

Mrs Rosie Danvers

Wired Strings Ltd

James Davey

Choirfixer Ltd

Mr Neil Davidge

Neil Davidge Productions Ltd

Ms Meg Davies

Music Productions Ltd

Mr Peter Davison

West Pier Music

Ms Sarah Davison

West Pier Music

Mr Ian Dean

Creative Dialogue Ltd

Ms Calina De La Mare


Mr Mario De Sa

London Symphony Orchestra (LSO)

Mr Christopher Dee

Maida Vale Singers

Ms Anne Dudley

Buffalo Music Ltd

Mr Roderick Dunk


Mr Terry Edwards

London Voices

Ms Sally Ewins

English Sinfonia

Mr Andy Farquharson

The Music Agency

Mr Trevor Ford


Mr Chris Foster

Apollo Voices / The Thirty-Nine Deps

Mr Ben Francis

Dynamic Vocals

Mr Jan Franklin

Producer Cloud Ltd

Ms Angela Franklin

Producer Cloud Ltd

Mr Simon Gardner


Mr Christian Garrick


Mr Patrick Garvey

Patrick Garvey Management

Mr David Giardino

Giardino Strings

Mr David Gibson

New London Sinfonia

Ms Cathy Giles


Mr Douglas Gillespie

The Entertainers Agency

Ms Susie Gillis

Isobel Griffiths Ltd

Mr Alan Gout


Ms Fiona Martin

Philharmonia Orchestra

Mr Colin Green

CG Original Music

Mr Peter Gregson

Peter Gregson Ltd

Mr Gareth Griffiths

Cool Music Ltd

Ms Isobel Griffiths

Isobel Griffiths Ltd

Mr Simon Hale


Mr John Hardy

John Hardy Music

Mr James Harpham


Mr Will Harvey

Parallax Orchestra

Ms Micaela Haslam

Synergy Vocals

Mr Bill Hawkes


Mr Stephen Henderson

Music GB

Ms Sally Herbert


Mr Matt Holland


Mr Nicholas Holland

Versatile Cello Ltd

Miss Meike Holzmann


Mr Jack Hughes

Jr Hughes Music Ltd

Mr Stephen Hussey

Urban Soul Orchestra

Mr Nicholas Ingman


Mr Toby Jarvis

Mcasso Music Productions

Mr Huw Jenkins

Oberon Music Projects

Mr Rick Juckes


Mr Thomas Kelly

Clarion Music Ltd

Mr Thomas Kemp

Chamber Domaine Ltd

Mr Bob Knight

Bek Music Ltd

Ms Nicki L'Amy

Darah Music Ltd

Mr Oliver Langford


Mr Noel Langley


Mr Julian Leaper


Mr Paul Leonard-Morgan

Rage Music

Mr Richard Lightman

Richard Lightman Productions

Mr Paul Loasby

One Fifteen Ltd

Mr Dominic Lyon

Young Guns Ltd

Mr David MacKay

June Productions Ltd

Mr Paul Maguire


Ms Hettie Malcomson


Ms Sue Mallet

London Symphony Orchestra (LSO)

Ms Catherine Manners

Manners McDade

Mr Peter Manning

Manning Camerata

Mr James Benjamin Marangone


Mr Toby Marks

Disco Gecko Recordings Ltd

Ms Raya Max

Raya Max Ltd

Ms Lisa McCaffery


Mr Peter McCarthy


Mr Michael McEvoy


Mr Edward McGuire

Scottish Music Centre

Mr Michael McKenzie


Mr Stephe Meloy


Mr Miguel Mera


Mr David Mitcham


Mr Perry Montague-Mason


Mr Stephen Morris


Mr Everton Nelson

Soundscape Music Ltd

Ms Jenny Nendick

Isobel Griffiths Ltd

Mr Nick Newland


Mr Stephen Nieman

The Hanover Band

Mr Michael Nyman


Mr William Occleshaw

O2 Productions / West End Theatres

Mrs Jenny O'Grady

Metro Voices

Mr Anthi Papadopoulos

Oxford Philharmonic Orchestra Prods. Ltd

Mr Rodney Patterson

Notable Productions

Mr Tom Pearce

Vocals Unlimited

Mr Nick Pentelow


Mr Graeme Perkins

Rhythm Bookings Ltd

Mr Tom Pigott-Smith


Mr Jayesh Pisavadia

Mistry Music Ltd

Ms Jenny Plant

Hilary Skewes Ltd

Miss Jocelyn Pook


Mr Quentin Poole


Mr Philip Pope


Mr Matthew Povey

Scott Povey

Mr Andrew Powell


Mr Clive Powell

Kenny & Co / Georgie Fame

Miss Melanie Purves


Ms Joanne Quigley McParland


Mr Don Reedman

Focus Music Int. Ltd

Mr Adam Robinson

Clockwork Sessions Ltd

Miss Toni Robinson

BASSnote Sessions Ltd

Ms Lisa Rollin

Red Hot Music Agency

Mr Christian Rutherford

Raymond Gubbay

Mr Ralph Salmins


Mr Kotono Sato


Mr Adam Sharp

C A Management

Mr Colin Sheen

Proarte Orchestra of London

Mr Neil Sidwell


Mr Stephen Sidwell


Ms Julia Singleton


Mr Tom Siracusa

Chocolate Factory Productions

Miss Sophie Sirota


Ms Anne Skates

Capital Voices

Ms Hilary Skewes

Hilary Skewes Ltd / Buick

Ms Francesca Smith


Mr Fraser T Smith

My Audio Tonic Production

Mr Michael Spencer

Sound Strategies

Mr Paul Spong

Music Creation Ltd

Ms Katherine St John


Ms Amy Stewart

Isobel Griffiths Ltd

Mr Martyn Swain

Magical Opera Co Ltd

Mr Russell Swift

Musical Service Ltd

Mr Christopher Taylor

CTM Studios

Mr John Thirkell


Mr Paul Thompson

Spitfire Audio

Mr Benjamin Till


Mr Christopher Traves


Caroline Tunnell

Tunnell Partnership

Jonathan Tunnell

Tunnell Partnership

Mr Guy Vause

Louis Vause

Mr Duncan Waugh

D W Music Services

Mr Richard Weeden

UK Music Management Ltd

Ms Lucy Whalley

Isobel Griffiths Ltd

Mr Christopher Wheeler

Heritage Orchestra

Ms Debs White


Mr Robert White


Ms Mary Wiegold

Composers Ensemble

Ms Lucy Wilkins


Mr Philip Williams


Ms Olivia Williams


Mr John Wilson


Ms Debbie Wiseman


Mr Andy Wood


Mr Chris Worsey

Millenium Orchestra

Mr Nigel Wright

SMP Studios