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Consent Forms for Recording

Always ensure you have completed an MU consent form or an MU agreement. 

Last updated: 18 March 2021

Make sure you always fill in the relevant consent form when recording sounds, and always check with our recording department about fees and terms for any media engagements.

The forms for particular purpose are: 

  • MU / BPI  (Commercial Audio Release) 
  • MU / PACT (Film / TV / AV Release) 
  • MU / IPA (Advertising) 
  • MU / BBC (BBC TV or Radio) 
  • MU / ITV (ITV TV) 
  • MU / LPAG (Library / Production Music) 

Consent to record your performance 

Consent to record your performance is required, however, for instance, if you have been booked for a recording session in studio, or for a TV programme, it is pretty clear that by recording you will have deemed consent even if not asked.   

However, if you are performing with a band or ensemble for purely a live concert, and notice either sound assistants, recording engineers, camera operators etc in the venue, you should have been asked for your consent to record.  Challenge this with production and ask if you are being recorded and what the recording is for.  Recording cannot take place without your consent. 

Written consent required for further use

Once you have given consent to be recorded, or deemed consent (as above), to further exploit that recording of your performance, there needs to be agreement in writing of any use.  The legal consents required for further use are: Copying, Distribution, Broadcasting and Making Available. Each of the MU agreements work on this premise, but terms are further refined by carving out variations and limitations with regard to territory, term in years, media type etc. 

Consent forms

Original copy to be retained by the Musician, one copy to be retained by the Production Company or Label, and one copy must be sent to the Musicians’ Union. The MU uses this information to invoice companies and agencies, and then distribute royalties to you for further use of your performance.