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Ulster Orchestra

Updated: 03 November 2023 | 16:40 PM

Rates of pay for freelance players effective from 1 April 2023

Concert rates

For up to 6 hours of playing in one day, including either two or more rehearsal sessions, a single rehearsal session and concert, or a single concert session only.

Tutti Sub-Principal Sub-Principal Section Leader
£122.00 £130.00 £136.00 £147.00

Single Rehearsal

For up to three hours playing where no other work is offered on the same day and the word does not include a concert (calculated as 60% of the full day rate)

Tutti Sub-Principal Sub-Principal Section Leader
£73.20 £78.00 £81.60 £88.20

Distance / Travel

Distance (where transport or travel fare is provided)
16p per mile
Travel (where transport is NOT provided)
35p per mile
Additional distance fee (for players based in mainland UK)
Distance fee (for players based in Republic of Ireland, paid instead of the travelling allowance)

Out of town

Musicians based in Belfast, who are required to work outside a radius of 7 miles from the Ulster Hall.

1 meal allowance*
2 meal allowance*

*leaving base before 1.30pm and returning after 6.00pm

Overnight stay in Northern Ireland

Bed & Breakfast (where accommodation is not provided) Additional Payment for musicians based outside Northern Ireland required to stay more than one night)
£63.10 £21.50

Late return

Midnight - 12:30 am 12:30 - 1:00 am 1:00 - 2:00 am
£5.01 £10.03 £15.04


Contact details

Orchestra manager: Ruth Millar

Ulster Orchestra, Ulster Hall, Bedford Street, Belfast, BT2 7FF

07494 471112

MU Steward: Greg Topping

MU H&S Representative: Kathryn Lowry