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Scottish Ballet

Updated: 16 April 2024 | 17:17 PM

Rates of pay for freelance players effective from 1 April 2024

Fees per 3 hour session

Tutti Sub-Principal Principal
£81.40 £85.36 £88.80

Seating Call up to 1 hour (30 minutes maximum rehearsal time)

Tutti Sub-Principal Principal
£19.11 £20.71 £21.54

Other payments

Enhancement fee payable in weeks of 4 sessions or less Emergency covering another instrumental part
£12.43 per session Extra 25% of session fee


Outwith Glasgow: Standard class rail fare


Contact details

Music & Orchestral Services Manager: John Davidson

Scottish Ballet, Tramway, 25 Albert Drive, Glasgow, G41 2PE

Tel: 0141 331 6873

MU Stewards: Anne Macdonald and Paul Stone
MU H&S Representatives: Anne Macdonald