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User Guidelines

Guidelines for MU members using the MU website.

Last updated: 26 August 2021

These User Guidelines set out important information regarding how you may use our website (our "Site"). They are designed to supplement (and not replace) our Terms of use. Please note that you must still comply with our Terms of Use when using the Site.

Many of these guidelines only apply if you are a member of the Musicians' Union and have registered to use the Site. However, we ask that all users read these guidelines and comply with them to the extent that they are applicable.


When using the Site, there are certain things that we ask you to accept/do, as follows:

  • use the Site in a responsible, professional manner and in accordance with the law (and, where applicable, your membership of the Musicians' Union as a professional body)
  • use the Site in accordance with the Musicians' Union Rules
  • provide accurate information to us where requested, including in the registration process (e.g. ensure you provide your real name where required and not a professional one) and update this information as necessary
  • understand that you are responsible for any content you post on the Site (including in any forum or in your public profile) and that by posting such content, you promise it is not in breach of anyone else’s ownership rights (which generally means that it is your own original work or you have obtained permission from the owner of the rights in the content)
  • respect the privacy of other people (whether users of the Site or otherwise) and ensure that you have obtained consent before posting details which may allow others to be identified (e.g. full names or contact details)
  • if you post a link to the third party websites in accordance with our Terms of Use, ensure that the content of that link complies with these User Guidelines and, if in doubt, do not include the link.


There are also certain actions which we ask you not to carry out when using the Site, as follows:

  • do not allow any other person to access the Site using your details (except in exceptional circumstances such as illness or disability and only where agreed in advance with us)
  • do not permit or assist anyone under 18 years of age to use this Site
  • do not post anything that is illegal, abusive, offensive or obscene
  • do not act in a way that may be perceived to be bullying or harassment, including of other users
  • do not rely on any information contained on the Site for any commercial purpose, including in particular to enter into a relationship of employment
  • do not copy, republish or otherwise redistribute any information found on the Site without obtaining the relevant permissions to do so
  • do not use the Site for Musicians' Union election campaigning
  • do not use the Site to impersonate any other person
  • do not post any content which is in breach of the rights of another person (e.g. any music, images or videos of which you are not the original creator and which you do not have permission to upload)
  • do not post any personal information which may allow other people to be identified, without their express permission (e.g. contact details or full names); and
  • do not post a link to any third party website other than specified in the member profile fields.

You are responsible for the content that you post

Please think about what you publish on our Site. You are responsible for the content that you post on our Site.

In particular, we cannot guarantee that anything you post will not be copied and/or shared by other users or other members of the public.

Please also remember that sharing personal information over the internet can be dangerous. Our Privacy policy  provide further information on the issues you should consider before posting personal information on our Site.

We aim to make our Site as user friendly as possible and welcome any comments from you on how we can make that happen. Should you have any comments please let us know at