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About Tengu Taiko Drummers

The Tengu Taiko Drummers are Japanese style Taiko group, available for performances for all types of events. We also offer workshops / classes for schools, public, praivate and corporate events through the Tengu School of Taiko.

The Tengu Taiko Drummers were formed in August 2018, and came about via the Tengu School of Taiko, a teaching project started in 2009 by Tengu founder Jared Hardwick to share the benefits of this fun performing art to more people. While conducting regular classes over the years, a core group of regular individuals with a desire to further their skills, were invited to move up to intermediate level, and after more intense training, were ready to form the performing group.

We have an extensive repertoire and play both traditional and contemporary pieces. Most of the pieces we write are influenced by Japanese culture and folklore, but we sometimes use influence from other cultures and themes which brings diversity to our shows.

Our aim is to share the joy of Taiko as well as the benefits and energy that it creates, both through performance and hands on experience via regular courses and workshops.

Musical instruments & styles


Taiko Drums, Percussion


Folk, World

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