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Information for members on changes to, the music teacher listings website.

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By Chris Walters Published: 12 January 2022 | 6:13 PM
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Our website offers a database for members to list their services and we encourage members to use this. Photo credit: Shutterstock

As previously reported, is withdrawing its free listings service for music teachers. Members have been in touch with concerns about how this will affect them.

Firstly, we can confirm that due to the change in service, the MU no longer works in partnership with, which has always been an independently owned website.

Secondly, the new owners have confirmed the current service will run with no changes until 24 January. On this date, a new version of will begin operating with a new business model.

Teachers are free to take this up if it meets their requirements via an application at (owned by the same company) but the MU does not endorse this service. Membership of the new site is by application only and there will be no automatic transfer of listings. 

Some members have asked the MU to set up an equivalent website that offers a free listings service for teachers. In fact, our website already offers a database for members to list their services and we encourage members to use this. We are looking at ways to make this database more visible on internet searches.

We understand that the change to leaves a gap for teachers who previously relied on it to find students. We will feature the topic of finding work as a teacher in a future issue of The Musician. Meanwhile, members may find our existing online guidance useful.

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