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Shielding Musicians Encouraged to Complete Brief Survey to Help Us Support You

The MU and the Ivor’s Academy in collaboration with and with the support of HMUK are surveying musicians and creators to find out about those who are still, and will need to keep, shielding once Covid-19 restrictions are lifted – and ways to support them.

Published: 14 June 2021 | 4:47 PM Updated: 18 June 2021 | 2:12 PM
Photograph of a trumpet resting on the sill of a closed window, with light shining through.
We’ll be using the results of the survey to better represent the needs of this group in our lobbying work. Photo credit: Shutterstock

Although shielding advice from the Government has ended and vaccines are now widely available, we understand that not everyone can have the vaccine or wants a vaccine.

Even with a vaccine, some people may feel their physical conditions still leave them at risk. This means that people may not feel safe or be able to go back to work and will have to shield beyond the lifting of Covid-19 restrictions and end of the vaccine roll-out to protect their health or the health of someone they live with.

Others may find that they are only able to return to some of the work they were doing prior to the pandemic for the same reasons. We know that many people belonging to these groups will continue to be adversely affected.

We’ll be using the results of the survey to better represent the needs of this group in our lobbying work

The survey will take around five minutes to complete, please submit your answers before Friday 9 July.

Take the survey now.

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