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Royal Opera House Orchestra Pay Petition Passes 2000 Signatures

Over 2000 people have backed the Royal Opera House orchestra’s campaign after a second day of action short of strike.

Published: 05 October 2023 | 11:17 AM Updated: 10 October 2023 | 5:33 PM
MU General Secretary Naomi Pohl, and MU Head of International Dave Webster hold up a sign outside the Royal Opera House reading
Musicians of the Royal Opera House Orchestra have been protesting peacefully against their reduction in pay for the last few weeks. Photo credit: Jonathan Stewart

MU General Secretary Naomi Pohl joined members outside the Royal Opera House ahead of a performance of Das Rheingold in a second action short of strike. It's part of the Royal Opera House orchestra’s campaign to have their pay restored to pre pandemic levels.

Musicians in the Royal Opera House orchestra took a 10% pay cut in 2020 to help the company through Covid-19 pandemic restrictions. They are now calling on management to give back their 10%.

Over 2,000 people have signed the petition and left messages of support.

Add your voice to the call: sign the petition now

Messages of support show the public is on the orchestra’s side

People signing the orchestra's petition have left many messages of support for musicians in the Royal Opera House orchestra.

Martyn said: “No orchestra, no opera. Musicians have bills to pay too.”

Celia said: “The musicians did their bit during the pandemic, but their pay should now rightly be restored.”

Mary said: “My visits to the ROH enrich my life hugely - please don't diminish that by continuing injustice to the wonderful musicians who underpin everything you do.”

Jess said: “It is outrageous that the orchestra have been treated so badly. They acted in good faith agreeing to the payout and change in working conditions and it is shocking that their conditions have not been rectified. Treat professional musicians with respect.”

Annabel said: “50% of my enjoyment of ballet at the ROH is the beautiful performance of live ballet music by the ROH Orchestra. It’s an absolute scandal that their pay has not yet been restored to pre-lockdown levels, especially during such a sustained cost of living crisis.”

Further action is being considered

MU General Secretary Naomi Pohl said: “Musicians of the Royal Opera House Orchestra have been protesting peacefully against their reduction in pay for the last few weeks. They have tons of support from people who love opera and want to see the orchestra's 10% pay cut restored.

“It's great to see the growing petition signatures, and we will continue to engage with the Opera House management in pursuit of a better deal.

“Our members are ready to consider further action if the situation continues.”

Support the Royal Opera House campaign

The orchestra stepped up to support the Royal Opera House in tough times. It's time Royal Opera House did the same for them.

Do you agree? Support the campaign!

  1. Sign the petition and leave a message of support
  2. Share the petition and a message of support on social media using the hashtags #RoyalOperaHouse and #FairPay

Remember to mention @WeAreTheMU on Twitter, Instagram and TikTok or @Musicians.Union on Facebook so that we can share your message with musicians in the Royal Opera House Orchestra.

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