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New Recordings Added to Our Career Development Section

We’ve recently added recordings from some of our online events to the Career Starter Kits which we host on our website – adding to the selection of member-only resources currently available.

Published: 08 October 2021 | 11:29 AM
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Advice and information from trusted sources can be key to making progress. Photo credit: Shutterstock

Our Career Starter Kits are a member-only resource in the career development section of our website, offering industry specific advice for musicians at the start of their careers, and those looking to change their career focus.

The new content we’ve uploaded adds to the advice available on Composing Production Music and Working in Musical Theatre. We’ve also uploaded a video recording of the popular “How to Be Release Ready,” event which we hold with PRS for Music – explaining how to take a DIY approach to releasing your music.

Other topics covered by our Career Starter Kits include:

For more guidance and advice, visit our Career Development section.

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