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Behind Every Musician: Free Legal Advice and Assistance

When an MU member found his band in a tricky situation, legal support from the Union took a weight off his shoulders. Did you know that free legal advice and assistance is one of your membership benefits?

Published: 12 June 2019 | 12:00 AM Updated: 28 April 2021 | 4:29 PM
Photo of Lester Clayton the band, with Lester Clayton on the far right.
Lester Clayton the band, with Lester Clayton on the far right. Photograph: Lester Clayton The Band

MU member, songwriter and ‘street folk’ musician Lester Clayton (of ‘Lester Clayton – the band’) talks to us about how advice and legal support from the MU helped when his band found themselves in a difficult corner.

"Over the last year, the MU have been fighting our corner and offering advice every step of the way - it wasn’t a great situation we were in, but the MU managed to get us a resolution, and took the enormous weight off our shoulders.

“Considering how much legal costs are nowadays, we wouldn’t have been able to afford a resolution without the MU for which we are extremely grateful."

Lester initially contacted the MU’s London Regional Office, who were able to guide him through the next steps in accessing our free legal advice and assistance.

Free legal advice and assistance for MU members

Need help and don’t know where to turn? If you are a member of the MU then you can access free legal advice and assistance across a broad range of issues, including:

Get in contact with your regional team, who are here to support you. Or, find out more online about the free legal advice and assistance available to MU members.

About Lester Clayton

Lester Clayton are award winning songwriters who have been winning over audiences across the UK with songwriting wit which combines Political and Social commentary, Love Poetry and support for the Everyman and the Underdog.

Lester Clayton have forged their own style they call ‘street folk’ combining reggae, soul, folk and hip hop to create a unique sound which is capturing audiences imagination.

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