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Amended Brexit Guidance for Musicians with Portable Musical Instruments

It has been confirmed today by DCMS Minister Caroline Dinenage MP that musicians travelling into and around the EU with portable musical instruments are not required to obtain a Carnet.

Published: 16 February 2021 | 3:43 PM Updated: 06 October 2022 | 12:45 PM
Photograph of a violin contained in a travel case. The travel case is resting open in the photo with the violn visiable.
It is very welcome that we now have clarity on the issue of Carnets for musicians working in the EU. Photo credit: Shutterstock

Speaking at a DCMS Select Committee session on touring in the EU post-Brexit, Minister Dinenage confirmed that a simple ‘oral declaration’ could be made by musicians who are travelling with portable musical instruments and that a costly ATA Carnet would not be required.

Musicians transporting instruments and equipment by car, van or truck would require a Carnet, however, and the MU has secured discounts with two Carnet providers.

Dave Webster, MU National Organiser Live Performance commented:

“It is very welcome that we now have clarity on the issue of Carnets for musicians working in the EU. We have been asking the question since the trade agreement was published and this is a nugget of welcome news for musicians in very difficult times.

“We are continuing to push for a visa waiver agreement with the EU and bilateral agreements with individual member states on work permits.”

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