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Help Resources for Sexual Harassment

We are here to offer support and guidance if you face sexual harassment, discrimination or abuse at work.

Last updated: 08 June 2021

How the MU can help

The MU's Safe Space scheme has been created to provide a safe space for all musicians to share instances of sexism, sexual harassment and sexual abuse in the music industry.

If you are an employed or self-employed musician, regardless of which part of the industry you work in, you can talk to us. Contact your Regional Office for advice and assistance.

Every office has at least one female member of staff. If you would prefer to speak to a female member of staff, you can ask to do so at any point. 

All calls will be treated in the strictest confidence and no action will be taken on your behalf without your prior consent. 

External organisations that can help

If you have been a victim of sexual abuse, we would encourage you to speak to one of the following organisations. They can provide support such as counselling and signposting of specific services to assist you in recovery and advise on reporting the incident to the police should you choose to:

  • Sexual Assault Referral Centre – dial 111 to find the nearest Sexual Assault Referral Centre. They can provide immediate support and advice, including medical examinations and tests, and will not go to the police until you decide if you want to or not.
  • Rape Crisis
  • Victim Support - 08 08 16 89 111
  • Galop (LGBT+) – 0207 704 2040
  • Survivors UK (men)