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Workplace Stress Risk Assessment during Covid-19

Workplace Risk Assessments must currently be Covid-19 specific and should include stress risk assessment.

Last updated: 19 April 2024
  • Developing a Risk Assessment (RA) and then appropriate policies based on a good generic Stress RA.
  • Recognising the specific stressors deriving from the Covid-19 situation – eg. the threat of the virus itself; the effects of the measures adopted to control the virus such as self-isolation; limited social interaction; threats to livelihoods; changing ways of practicing and performing; family and friends’ problems; difficulty of travel and holiday breaks etc etc
  • All these have to be considered in the RA and examination of the best management methods to try and minimise stressors developed. This will involve a heightened sensitivity to management style within which early and consultative discussion is key; attention to work lengths and need for breaks; the difficult balance in dealing with Government policy, economic pressures, changes to work methods and the need to deal with pressures on the players and other employees. Communication and early provision of information is key to this, particularly using the important nexus of the Safety Representatives, and seeking feedback from the orchestra.
  • Players are used to the challenges and necessary adaptions for their work but minimising the pressures wherever possible is crucial. Individual support will be appropriate at times but the overall working context in which they perform is crucial to dealing with stress.