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A medium sized gig and club space, hosting events seven nights per week.

Contact: Iain Findlay-Walsh 0141 222 2254 Website
22-28 Renfield lane, Glasgow G2 6PH
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What we're looking for

We offer support to artists, bands and promoters in putting together and running your own event. We also programme occasional special events as part of the venue's inhouse programme.

About us

We are a city centre venue open to any and all music. We are particularly happy to support events, promoters and artists that challenge dominant hierarchies or access barriers, particularly those that exist within the live music industry itself.

How to get a gig

The best way to 'get a gig' here is to put one on, with our help. We strongly believe that the best way for local artists to get gigs and to find contexts to play in which are useful to them is for them to contribute to, participate in and support live music in the city by putting on shows.

As a venue, we are not gatekeepers, and so rather than cherry-picking what we think is representative of good music, we see our role as being to give as much help and support (in the form of advice, access and resources) as we can to any body who wants to put on their own gigs and events.

We aim to be as flexible and suggestible as possible to your ideas, and are always keen to broaden our own networks (i.e. not just dealing with the same people and social groups).

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