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Template letter to MPs

Email your MP using our template letter. Remember to include how you are affected too – personal stories make all the difference.

Last updated: 15 January 2021

Dear [Find out who your MP is via Parliament UK],

I am [a musician / crew / fan] in your constituency. My address is: [full address]

Please put pressure on the Prime Minister and his negotiating team to urgently negotiate and agree with the EU to introduce the Musicians’ Passport; a reciprocal, free, work permit-free, carnet-free, EU-wide touring arrangement that covers musicians and crew.

[Share why working in the EU is an important part of your work here]

The current system in place currently includes unnecessary and costly admin that makes it harder for musicians working in the EU. For example, UK musicians will need ATA Carnets to travel to any EU state including the Republic of Ireland that costs at least £360 online plus a security deposit, or more for paper applications, and only lasts a year. That means paying for a new carnet every year that we tour.

UK musicians like me may also need:

  • Work permits
  • CITES Musical Instrument Certificate(s) - which requires travelling through specific designated ports
  • Health insurance
  • A passport with more than 6 months on it
  • VE103 Vehicle for Hire Certificate
  • EORI Number to sell merchandise

[Explain the impact of additional cost and admin on you here]

Some countries like France have announced exemptions for cultural workers. However, it is not clear if these exemptions will apply to freelancers, which is what most musicians are.

We need clarity now.

The music industry alone is worth £5.8bn to the UK economy. It is a key part of the wider creative industries, with music appearing across film, TV, games, theatre, opera, ballet and other artforms, which are worth £101.5bn to the UK economy.

For musicians to be part of the UK’s economic recovery post-Covid-19 and for the future of our industry, we need clarification, and we need work permit and red tape-free travel urgently.

Please contact the Musicians’ Union for further information and briefings on this issue.

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