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Heart Unions Week: “By standing together we can realise a future we can be proud of”

To celebrate Heart Unions Week, we asked MU members what the Union means to them. Share the love using the hashtag #HeartUnions

Heart Unions Week celebrates the work of trades union in the UK, the work unions do and the role unions play in people’s daily lives. To mark it, we asked Musicians’ Union (MU) members why they love the MU and what being part of their Union means to them…  

Contract Advice Infographic

“Having been a member of the Union for 30 years I’ve had exceptional value from the personal benefits on offer – from an efficient and tour-saving equipment insurance claim through advice on many contracts and agreements… not to mention the broader benefits that MU membership brings to help reduce the threats faced by gigging musicians” – Dave Arcari, Live Performance Section Committee Member.

Dispute Resolution Infographic

“The Musicians’ Union is not just there to protect musician’s rights. I had a bicycle accident in 2008 and the MU lawyer fought my case and got me compensation and lots of physical therapy. I wouldn’t have been able to do it all without the MU” – Sarah-Jane Morris, Live Performance Section Committee Member.

Advice Working With Hubs Infographic

“I first joined The MU for the public liability and insurance. But when our music service was threatened with redundancy I realised the power that working together as a union can have. I contacted The MU, and the expertise, pragmatic advice and encouragement they gave helped us get together and set up a new independent music service after redundancy.

Without The MU's help we couldn't have ensured the continued livelihood of 100 music teachers (and their families) and the continuing education of 10,000 young musicians. But most of all, it demonstrated what The MU is all about; by standing together we can realise a future we can be proud of, and help music transform the lives of the next generation”  – Stephen Hawker, MU Hub Rep

Play Your Part!

Have you told friends and colleagues about the MU and why they should join?

Here are some more ways to share the love this Heart Unions Week:

  • Tweet us at @WeAreTheMU about how the MU has helped you. Use the hashtag #HeartUnions. 
  • Share a selfie with the Heart Unions poster using the hashtag #HeartUnions.
  • Be sure your voice is heard. There lots of ways to get active in the MU from attending events to joining one of the MU’s many committees and taking part in the Union’s democracy. Find out what you can do, starting now.  

You can also attend one of the many events across England and Wales. Find out more.

Published: 10/02/2017

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