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Working for More Than One Employer

What you need to know

You can claim Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP) from more than one job providing you meet the qualifying conditions for each job.

You can start your maternity leave and/or SMP at different times for each job.

You can also work for up to ten paid Keeping in Touch days for each employer, at different times, and keep your SMP from your other employer.

If you only qualify for SMP from one employer, you can continue to work for the employer who does not pay you SMP, providing you were employed by that employer in the 15th week before your baby was due.

If you qualify for SMP for one job but not for a second job, for example, because your earnings are too low in your second job or it is self-employed work, you cannot claim Maternity Allowance for the second job.

If you have a second job for an employer who is not liable to pay Class 1 National Insurance contributions, such as voluntary work or self-employment, you can still get SMP and do voluntary work or self-employed work.

Remember, you can only claim Maternity Allowance if you do not qualify for any SMP.

Case Study

Wahida is employed part-time as a music teacher in a school. She has a second job, working one day a week for a music service.

She meets the qualifying conditions for SMP from the school as her earnings were over £112 per week during the calculation period. She will start her maternity leave and SMP six weeks before her expected week of childbirth (EWC).

She does not qualify for SMP from her job at the music service because she doesn’t meet the qualifying conditions, however she can still take maternity leave and she will start this two weeks before the EWC.

After the birth of her baby she will take 9 months’ maternity leave from her job at the school but will start work at the music service after 3 months.

Her SMP from the school will continue even though she has decided to return to her second job at music service earlier, as she was employed by the music service in the 15th week before her EWC.

Starting a new job

You cannot get SMP from your old employer if you start work for a new employer, unless you were employed by the new employer in the 15th week before your baby was due.

You must tell your old employer of the date you will be starting your new job so that they can stop your payments of SMP.

If you are resigning from your old job you should give the correct notice.

MU members can apply for a £250 adoption, maternity or paternity grant

To talk to someone about Statutory Maternity Pay when you work for more than one employer, the Maternity Allowance or the MU’s adoption / maternity / paternity grants, please contact your MU Regional Office.

This guidance has been developed in conjunction with Maternity Action.