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Are we holding royalties for you?

The MU deals with a huge number of recordings, music uses and musicians. While we have developed a considerable database of this information, there are sometimes occasions when we are unable to immediately distribute the income we collect. 

The two main reasons for this are:

  • Incomplete line-up information: we don’t know the full list of musicians who performed on a particular recording.
  • Incomplete contact/payment information: we have the full line up of musicians, but we don’t have up-to-date contact or payment details for all of them.

Incomplete line-ups

If you have received payment from us in the past it is always important to notify us of any changes of details (change of address, telephone number or bank details) that may affect future payments to you.

If we do not already have the line-up for a recording which we have received income for, and the music user has been unable to provide one, we will initially contact the producer, composer or any known musicians for the recording in order to ascertain the line-up. We will also consult with other organisations, such as PPL.

If this is unsuccessful we will advertise the recording here. If you performed on any of the recordings listed below, or can provide us with further information about those who did, please contact us:

T 0207 582 5560

Incomplete contact or payment information

If income has been allocated to your account, but we don’t have up-to-date contact or payment information for you, we will endeavour to attempt to track you down through proactive research on the internet and through other musicians and contacts we have.

If this is unsuccessful, we will advertise a selection of the musicians we are looking for here. If your name is listed, or if you can provide us with further information about any of those listed, please contact us:

T 0207 582 5560

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