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Donate to Support Music

Help us provide immediate support for musicians in real financial hardship as a result of coronavirus

It's times like these we need musicians and the music they create the most. But musicians have been critically impacted by the current crisis. From losing teaching work, through to cancelled gigs, venue closures and orchestras fighting for survival.

Concerningly, within the first ten days alone of our coronavirus impact survey, musicians reported a collective loss of over £20 million.

That's why we started the MU Coronavirus Hardship Fund, providing small grants of £200 to provide urgent relief for musicians in genuine financial hardship.

Within two hours of launching the fund, we received more than two hundred applications – with musicians writing to us to explain how vital these grants are for their immediate needs.

That's why we're calling on you. We know it's a difficult time. But if you can, please donate to our Crowdfunder.

Your donations will go to MU members who are facing genuine financial hardship as a result of the coronavirus outbreak and its impact.

Donate now

Feedback from musicians


"I've just received an email saying my application was successful and I'll be receiving the money. Can I just say to everyone at the Musicians' Union, thank you. I could cry knowing that I've been given a bit of help. Thank you so much!" 

"My livelihood has been wiped out. All my freelance tutoring in schools has been cancelled due to school closures and already I've lost all wedding gigs in April as a result of venues closing or couples postponing"  

“I’m in the serious health condition category, so had to make a very very difficult decision to self isolate from the 16th. I’m 100% self employed. I’m already overdrawn as I had to make refunds to students who didn't want lessons online.

“I’m trying very hard to keep positive and have gone into proactive mode. I’m trying to think of innovative ways to do things online. But I don't know what's going to happen next"