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Travel Insurance

It is vital that travel insurance covers musicians while working. Hencilla Canworth offers single trip cover from as little as £20 with existing conditions covered.

Last updated: 31 March 2022

The MU’s preferred insurance broker, Hencilla Canworth, who provide its members with public liability and personal accident insurance as well as the equipment insurance scheme, now offer a dedicated insurance policy for performing artists working overseas.

As the team at Hencilla explain:

“Whether the client decides to purchase a trip-by-trip basis or a yearly contract, we can provide insurance for individuals, couples, plus family policies, single parent and group travel. Notably, a discount is automatically applied on couples, family, and single parent policies, while anyone named on a couples or family policy – including children – can also travel separately.

“Voyager, the name of the specialised scheme that we use for the entertainment industry, provides standard leisure, business trips and cruise trips all under one policy. Musicians and singers are automatically insured and this is highlighted in the policy wording.

“In addition, if the venue or the hiring organisation requires members to supply an endorsement to confirm they are a musician or a singer, then Hencilla Canworth will be able to provide you with one. Simply email Sean Woodman with details of the trip and your occupation."

Covid-19 cover

Given Covid-19 is still an issue for us all, the Policy has relevant covers within it:

  • Cancellation costs if you, or anyone insured on your policy, becomes ill with Covid-19 within 14 days of the start of the trip. (N.B. loss of earnings is not covered by travel insurance)
  • Plus, should you contract Covid-19 whilst abroad and admitted to hospital, you will be treated and if necessary repatriated if safe to do so
  • Additional travel and accommodation expenses in respect of Covid-19 if you test positive and have to self-isolate
  • Cancellation & Curtailment cover with anything else related to Covid-19 will not be covered, e.g. a flight cancelled due to Covid-19 or a hotel cancelled its booking due to Covid-19. Usually in these circumstances hotels and flight companies might allow rescheduling or offer a voucher or a refund. We recommend musicians to check terms and conditions when booking your travel and accommodation.

Please note that Personal Accident and Public/Personal Liability will not be covered as standard under this policy, whilst you are working. However, if you are a member of the MU, this cover is provided within your membership (the above exclusion does not apply to musicians or singers).

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Contact details

Sean Woodman

Hencilla Canworth

0208 686 5050