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Birmingham Contemporary Music Group

Updated: 03 November 2023 | 16:28 PM

Agreed terms and conditions between Birmingham Contemporary Music Group (BCMG) and Musicians' Union (MU).

Rates of pay for freelance players effective 1 January 2021

Minimum rates

Concert fee (single session concert or 2 sessions of either a concert with associated rehearsal or two rehearsals on one day) Single extra rehearsal (on a day other than a concert day)
£170.00 £100.00

Distance / Travel

Distance (where transport or travel fare is provided) Travel (where transport is NOT provided)
17p per mile 36p per mile


Single night M25 supplement
£70.00 £25.00

Late return

Late return between midnight and 2am: £10.00


Contact details

Executive Director: Karen Foster

BCMG, CBSO Centre, Berkley Street, Birmingham, B1 2LF

Tel: 0121 616 2623

MU Steward: Vacant