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MU Education Reps

Information about MU Education Reps and what to do if you are interested in becoming one.

Last updated: 10 June 2021

MU Education Reps are a development of the MU’s previous Hub Reps programme. Education Reps cover a broader remit than music education hubs – from conservatoires and specialist music schools to music services in the three nations of the UK where hubs do not operate.

Education Reps help the MU by:

  • Making it known in their workplace(s) that they are Education Reps and that other MU members can speak to them
  • Reporting on developments at their workplace, including where there are issues with contracts or management
  • Attending meetings at MU HQ and/or submitting written reports to the MU
  • Knowing about MU membership benefits for the purpose of recruiting new members
  • Taking part in occasional training if needed

Education Reps receive a discount on their MU subs and a small referral payment when they recruit a new member. If you are interested in becoming an Education Rep, email and an MU official will contact you for an initial discussion.


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